Featuring The Dutch Zaandam Clock, an Historic and Unique Style of Clock-making and our Next Chapter Meeting

Meeting Notes:
Remember to pre-register for the discounted table rate of $5 ea (limit 2 per person).

Schedule of Events:
Saturday: “One Day Class from 10:30a – 4:00p ”Repairing Wooden Clock Movements”

Sunday: General Meeting Schedule

  • 7:30a – Registration Opens
  • 7:30 to 8:30a – Mart Room set up Table Holders and Early Birds Only
  • 8:30a – Mart Room opens to all other registered participants
  • 10:30a – Best in Show Contest
  • 11:15a – Workshop: Al Dodson “Watch and Clock Escapements”
  • 12:00p – Luncheon Speaker: Dr. Edidin “Collecting Watches

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