This year’s regional was an outstanding success!  All of the 320 Mart tables were sold. The NAWCC added 37 new members with 4 month memberships. There were 153 Walk INS to swell the overall attendance to close to 600 participants.

Rick Robinson and Michael Tyler from  Virginia Chapter 34, Old Dominion” put together a great Exhibit on Ansonia Clocks. There were 10 tables full of unique and rare Ansonia Clock and watches.  Rick’s demonstration of “Clock Dial Restoration” and Michael’s lecture on “Ansonia Crystal Palace Clocks” were heavily attended. George Thomas’s talk on “Restoring 200 and 500 year old watches” was also  enjoyed by an equally large audience.

The Chapter One members who worked so hard to ensure that this year’s Regional was the success ever one has come to expect were:  Registration: Ken Garett and Colleen Houtz, Mart: Jeff Fox, Treasurer: Lee Davis, Security: Tom Fluck, Volunteers: Nancy Dyer, Signage:  Lisa Morrison, Silent Auction: George Morrison and Charlie Buttz.

Special thanks also goes out to those who worked very hard on the “behind the scenes” tasks that few people see but are indispensable to a great Regional.  They are: Dave Houtz, Michael Allen, Terry Addison, Don Buck, Al Dodson, and Teri Buttz, and Domenic Astemborski.

A heart felt THANK YOU also goes out to all of you who attended this Regional, for without your patronage and support and despite all of the hard work mentioned above, the Regional would not have been the success it turned out to be.

– Dave Gorrell: Over all Chairman

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