Meeting Registration: December 9, 2018

Phone and Email Registration: Remember that you can register for Meetings online and by phone. We intend to continue this service. However, there is beginning to be a number of members who make their reservations for Meetings, tables and lunches online and by phone, agreeing to pay at the door, and never showing up or paying for those obligations. The Chapter’s policy in these cases is, and will remain, that once a member makes a reservation for a table, a lunch or advanced registration and fails to pay for those reservations will then forfeit their ability to preregister by phone or by email in the future. Keep in mind that we have to submit the final table and lunch numbers to the Holiday Inn by 10:A.M. the Saturday one week prior to the meeting date.

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1 Member only + Spouse or Children = $15.002 Members only + Spouse or Children = $30.00

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