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This month’s newsletter includes a tribute to Carol Buonato Clock Face painter,our 2015 Calendar,an  article on Horology & Hollywood by Janet Fox, and several theories about why clock dials use the IIII rather than the IV.  Sign up for the Dec 7th meeting.  The workshop is on “Gold Leaf on Glass” and the Lecture is on “Sharing Our Horological Resources with the Digital World”. For details about our one day class on Dec. 6th; Repairing American Movements Part 3 and repairing French “Pendule de Paris” movements  see our Newsletter..French Antique clock repair, clock and watch society

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Chauncey Jerome Wooden Works Groaner Movement

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  Philadelphia Chapter One October Newsletter

Try our new “One Day Class” format. We decided that this would make our classes more accessible to the public and also serve our more experienced members.  Each class will be compartmentalized and designed to focus on a specific  set of skills.  We hope that our members will share this information with others who share an interest in learning more about our passion.

Following up on our last meeting’s class our first segment will focus on the repair of American clock movements. This is geared towards the novice and they will come away with the ability to do a rudimentary repair on an actual clock. The second segment will be devoted to the repair of Wooden Clock movements. It will concentrate on the replacement of broken teeth in both wheels and pinions.  This is an important skill that everyone who touches a wooden works movement needs to know.

All of our classes are designed to  further Philadelphia Chapter One’s mission to create the next generation of clock and watch enthusiasts.

A reminder  that your 2014 – 2015 dues are now due.  Please send to the Treasurer whose address is  in the October Newsletter.

The  Philadelphia Chapter One, Clock and Watch Society’s year will commence with a new set of ideas and activities that are open to the public.  Help us spread the word to let others know about some of these exciting opportunities including  the  Andrew Baron  event. See the details in the Chapter One Clock and Watch Society Newsletter Sept 7, 2014

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Andrew Baron expert repairman of the “Draughtsman Writer” photo credit Doug North blog

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Some of the collection of Clocks for sale at the Philadelphia Chapter One Picnic at Merritt’s Antiques.

This year for the first time since 1985,  Philadelphia Chapter One a organization  associated with the National Association of Watch and Clock  Collectors (NAWCC)  held a Summer picnic and Clock and watch fair . One hundred fifty seven Chapter members, and approximately one hundred others enjoyed the beautiful weather and the comradery of buying,selling , and learning about antique and modern watches and clocks.  It was held at Merritt’s Antiques in Douglassville, Pa.  during their annual Amity Clock and Watch Fair.   Lunch was provided for all Chapter One members and  their guests from Boyers Catering also of Douglassville, Pa.


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Join us for the Philadelphia Chapter One’s Summer Picnic

For the first time since the 80’s we will be holding a summer picnic. This event is  free and open to the public as well as our members. Come peruse the vendors booths, take a class, introduce your friends and family to the mysteries of Horology. Lunch will be included for all Chapter One members. Tables and spaces  are available for vendors. Please fill out the contact form and let us know how many people you are bringing  or if you are interested in reserving a vendor table. Event is Rain or Shine July 26th at the Amity Clock and Watch Fair in Douglasville, PA. All vendor tables must be paid in full prior to the event and are non refundable 10 days prior to the event.  If you are interested in buying or selling clocks or watches  both antique and modern this is the place to be. There will be two lectures, the first will be on “How to buy an Antique Clock”  and the second will be on the “History of the American Clock Industry 1760 to 1860”.

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Meetings Continue to Offer Fascinating Topics

Please read our   June 1st Newsletter for more details and other articles on clocks and watches

The Workshop Presenter

LEE DAVIS his topic will be: “Decorative Stenciling on Early American Clocks”

The Luncheon Speaker

ALLEN RICHARDSON, his topic will be “Early American Verge Watches of the 18th and early 19th Centuries”.

One Day Class June 1st, 2014

The One Day Class will be on the repair of electric clock rotors. We will
concentrate on the dissembling, cleaning, repairing and reassembling of the
rotors for electric clocks as well as testing the coils of various manufacturers.
Some of the motors we will work on will be Telechron, Sessions, G.E., United
,Hansen, and Synchron. Come to this class for clock rotor repair on June 1st.


June 1, 2014 At the Holiday Inn
Philadelphia North/Fort Washington
432 Pennsylvania Ave. Fort Washington, Pa. 19034

Workshop and Speaker

Are you interested in having a professional evaluate your watch or clock?  Are you interested in learning how to make a click spring or other small spring for your clock? Perhaps you are interested in purchasing an antique watch or clock.   If so, join us at our meeting on May 5th at the Holiday inn at Fort Washington, Pa.  Ashley  King will be giving a lecture on” Evaluating Clocks and Watches in Today’s Market”.  Mr. King, an expert appraiser,  is an officer in the Pennsylvania Antique Appraisal Association. He has also offered to do an evaluation of several clocks and watches from members of the audience after his talk. Dave Gorrell will be doing a demonstration on how to make click springs, and other small springs  for clocks at our meeting’s workshop.   Click Newsletter May 4,2014 for directions and meeting particulars.  Both the lecture and the workshop are free and open to the public.

Newsletter May 4,2014 Featured Articles

Harry Gafesna’s Tips from the Workbench, Best In Show Contest March 30, Horology in Hollywood


Reasons for Joining Philadelphia Chapter One


6 Meetings a year, buy, sell trade
Meet with 300 other watch and clock lovers
60 to 70 tables  full of watches clocks, tools, books
Hands on classes in watch and clock repair
Lectures  at every meeting by experts in the field
Workshop demonstrations on Repair and restoration techniques
Best In Show Contests –  see the most unusual and interesting clocks and watches
Receive the Chapter One Newsletter –  keep up with the topics and developments in Horology
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Largest Clock in the World

largest clock in the wordlNewsletter 3.30.2014

Where do you think you would find the largest clock in the world?  England, Germany, the United States? In fact none of these are correct.  The hour hand is 56 feet long and the minute hand is 72 feet long.

Want to find where to purchase watch and clock parts from Europe?   The sources are getting harder and harder to find.

Want to learn how to use a watchmakers lathe/  Join us on Sat. March 29th at the Holiday inn , Fort Washington Pennsylvania.

Want to learn how to disassemble, and more importantly reassemble a Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer?  What important role did this time piece play in determining who won World War II?

When and where will the next Chapter One meeting be held ?  Even more importantly whats for lunch?   Then click on  the  RED      Newsletter  3.30.2014    at the top of this article.