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Turning Clock Finials, Acid Etching Clock Glasses, Repairing Cuckoo Clocks, starting a wrist watch collection, all of these topics and skills will be featured at the next Philadelphia Chapter One Meeting on November 15, 2015.

At this Meeting Adam Harris, a guest curator from England, will be giving a lecture on the joys and pitfalls of collecting wristwatches. His lecture will begin at 1:30PM and will end at approximately 2:30PM. All timepieces have something to teach us.” says Adam. Adam HarrisSince the summer of 2012 Adam Harris has assumed the seasonal title of Guest Wristwatch Curator at the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. Largely focused on clocks and pocket watches, the Museum’s awareness and public promotion of wristwatches has expanded because of Harris’ efforts. Before returning to his home in Alicante, Spain, Watch News interviewed Harris to get some reflections on his time as curator.  His Lecture will be held during the Philadelphia Chapter One Meeting on November 15, 2015 at the Williamson Banquet and Event Center.  See our Newsletter for directions and information.



Finials, Philadelphia Chapter One, Clock Collecting, Antique Clocks, HorologyAt this same meeting come and see how the master does it;  Kevin Bedgood will be demonstrating the art of Finial turning at this month’s Chapter One Workshop.  Anyone who has ever  tried to turn a finial, especially a complicated one has found it a daunting task.  It is only surpassed in difficulty by attempting to duplicate a second one.  Keven a long time master turner makes it look easy. His workshop will be held  in the President’s Room at Williamsons .  The workshop will begin at 10:30 and last until 11:45.


These and all of Chapter one’s workshops this one is free and open to the public. Be sure to share this information with the Horologicly inclined

Newsletter 10-4-2015

Philadelphia Chapter One announcements the line up for October’s Membership meeting.

Please note preregistration is recommended and if you know anyone who would be interested in the history and joys of collecting clocks and watches we encourage you to invite them as your guest.

This month’s luncheon speaker is John Riabov, proprietor of  Wyndwood Tyme in Landenberg, PA.  His topic will be: “Restoring a Chester County tall case clock by Isaac Jackson.”  Mr. Riabov is an  expert in watch and heirloom clock repairs. He is a graduate of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) School of Horology in Columbia, PA.John riabov,Clock and Watch Society,Antique Clocks,Clock Repair, tall case clocks, taLL case clock repair  To remind you that at our September meeting in 2014 Mr. Riabov spoke on Breguet, his life and contributions to horology.




The workshop presenter will be: Ashley King, proprietor of The Clock Trader in Quakertown,PA . His topic is:” Repairing Jefferson Golden Hour Clocks”.  Golden Hour clocks are  a form of mystery clock, in that, it is difficult to see how they operate. The electrical versions were created by the  Jefferson Clock Co.  The original Jefferson Company was established  in 1928. Mr. King will be demonstrating the repair of one of the later models.Clock and Watch society,Philadelphia Chapter One,Clock repair, Ashley King, GoldenHour clocks





Thanks to all that were able to attend the August Folger Library presentation by Rory McEvoy, the Curator of Horology at the Maritime Museum at Greenwich, England. The video we produced will be available for viewing soon. If you have any pictures or other comments about this event please email the Treasurer at

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Newsletter 10-4-2015

Our website Clock and Watch Society is an information hub for The Philadelphia Chapter which is affiliated with the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, the oldest and largest Watch and Clock Society in the United States. It was founded on November 1, 1943 by a group of watch and clock enthusiasts in the Philadelphia area. This small group has, over the past seventy odd years, grown into an organization that has over 20,000 members in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The Philadelphia Chapter is dedicated to the enhancement of the interests of the horological arts in all its forms. This involves the preservation of the art, science and history of watch and clock manufacturing in all of its aspects throughout the world. This also includes the recording, preserving, and enhancing, through educational programs, all of the attributes of watches and clocks both antique and modern. The Philadelphia Chapter is unique in its dedication to its members’ horological needs by sponsoring scholarships, classes on watch and clock repair, workshops, watch and clock marts, lectures, demonstrations, research projects, and exhibits. The Chapter membership is open to all and welcomes everyone regardless of their interest or skill level, from the professional dealer to the amateur collector or hobbyist. please visit our site Clock and Watch Society for upcoming events and news.
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Reasons for Joining Philadelphia Chapter One


6 Meetings a year, buy, sell trade
Meet with 300 other watch and clock lovers
60 to 70 tables  full of watches clocks, tools, books
Hands on classes in watch and clock repair
Lectures  at every meeting by experts in the field
Workshop demonstrations on Repair and restoration techniques
Best In Show Contests –  see the most unusual and interesting clocks and watches
Receive the Chapter One Newsletter –  keep up with the topics and developments in Horology
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